November 28, 2017by admin

The greatest challenge for any business, whether a global forex brokerage, a large bank, or a humble shop, is to find a way to differentiate their business in the eyes of their customers and define their value proposition. Finding the most effective ways to differentiate your brokerage business can be the difference between success in failure in the ultra-competitive online brokerage industry.

April 24, 2017by admin

At heart, the online foreign exchange business is a sales and marketing business. How you present your business to potential clients and market yourself is an extremely important part of your business strategy. To run a successful foreign exchange business, it is essential that you design, build, and maintain a forex website that sets your business up for success. There are two main goals when designing your forex brokerage website. The first, is to decide on the branding and messaging strategy you want your business to deploy, and ruthlessly optimize your site to focus on hitting that tailored message.