October 19, 2017by administrator

If you are interested in starting a forex broker, you have probably begun to research MT4 White Labels. MT4 White Labels are the first step for most forex brokers, and are issued by holders of the full Metaquotes server license. There are two sets of fees for MT4 White Labels, one set of fees charged by Metaquotes, and one set of fees charged by the holder of the full MT4 license.

October 10, 2017by administrator

For foreign exchange brokerages that want to offer the MT4 trading platform to their clients, there are two options. You can obtain either a MT4 Full Server License, or you can purchase an MT4 White Label. There are multiple posts on this blog that address what is involved in obtaining or managing an MT4 White Label.

April 24, 2017by admin

If you are running a successful MT4 White Label business, eventually you will ask yourself if it makes to acquire your own MT4 Server License. Buying your own server license has many benefits, although it also may increase the complexity and difficulty of running your business on a day to day business. This blog post will address the questions you should ask yourself if you are considering upgrading from a MT4 White Label to a full MT4 Server License, along with some helpful tips to guide you through the process.