How long does it take to setup a MT4 White Label?

May 11, 2017by admin

The final step to setting up a broker, for most people, is creating and deploying your MT4 White Label terminal. There are several reasons for this. Several parts of the White Label creation process are dependent on other aspects of your brokerage already being setup. Without your offshore legal entity and website, for example, you will not be able to meet the documentation requirement from Metaquotes for releasing a new White Label. Additionally, while other aspects of your brokerage are very customizable, for example, your website, most White Labels are relatively standard setups – the amount of customization available on a White Label is usually restrict to just a few different types of category such as markups, spreads, trade processing etc. While it takes somebody with MT4 Admin and bridge knowledge to make these changes to the White Label, the actual time process for implementing these types of customizations are usually quite small.

How long it takes to setup your White Label depends a great deal on the amount of customization on the trade processing you are being allowed by your MT4 White Label provider. If you are getting your liquidity and technology from the same provider, all of your customization will be performed by one team, which will likely speed up process for deploying the White Label.