How to design an effective forex brokerage website!

Juni 30, 2017by administrator

At heart, the online foreign exchange business is a sales and marketing business. How you present your business to potential clients and market yourself is an extremely important part of your business strategy. To run a successful foreign exchange business, it is essential that you design, build, and maintain a forex website that sets your business up for success. There are two main goals when designing your forex brokerage website. The first, is to decide on the branding and messaging strategy you want your business to deploy, and ruthlessly optimize your site to focus on hitting that tailored message. The second important goal is to build your site focused on building effective conversion funnels, to ensure that your marketing dollars are being officially converted into fresh leads and prospects for your sales team to pursue.

The first goal is to ensure your brokerages website is tailored to your core branding and messaging. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but it is important for your broker to have a message that gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your numerous competitors. Are you focusing on a specific region or country for business? Are you emphasizing the breadth of your product offering? Are you focused on a certain type of trader? Are you focused on introducing brokers or direct retail clients? If you are a China focused broker whose model is based on IBs, your website and experience should be very different from a global focused broker targeting high-frequency-traders. Once you have decided on the main “message” of your broker, make sure all of your copy and images are targeted towards reinforcing that message and continuing to build your brand!

In addition to defining and building your brand, the key goal of your forex brokerage website is to convert your website’s traffic into high quality leads that your sales team can effectively convert into profitable accounts. No matter how powerful your branding and marketing, if the traffic coming to your website is not being converted into leads effectively, your business will not be able to grow. It is important to make sure the conversion funnels you have established on your website are setup to work in concert with your marketing strategy effectively. Before designing your conversion funnel you need to establish what your offer is, and how you are going to be driving traffic to your conversion funnel. Once you have decided on your strategy, effective conversion rates are usually dependent on doing the “basics” of website design and maintenance correctly. Does your website load quickly in all the jurisdictions you are targeting? Is your website error and bug free? Do all your conversion funnels effectively interact with your CRM? Do you have attractive auto-responder e-mails setup? If you have a live-chat app installed on your website – is it manned during the hours your traffic is highest?

Focusing on the basics will often give you better results then over engineering your site. If your site is getting the desired amount of traffic, but conversion rates are low, checking to make sure your site loads quickly and responsively across all types of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) is normally the first thing that needs to be fixed.

If you are interested in designing a new forex brokerage websites, or would like help upgrading your existing forex brokerage website to increase your conversion rates, reach out to Global Group Technology today, we would be happy to assist!