How to obtain a Vanuatu Securities Dealer License for your Forex Brokerage

Juni 30, 2017by administrator

The Securities Dealer License issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) is an increasingly popular license for forex brokers. Why? The Securities Dealer License is a cost and time effective solution for obtaining regulation for your broker. For new brokers, brokers that don’t wish to allocate a lot of capital to their licensing solution, or existing brokers looking for alternative licenses for part of their business, the Vanuatu Securities Dealer License is a great option! Getting the License is quite easy. Here are the steps to getting your Vanuatu Securities Dealer license up and running in a cost effective manner!

  • First a company must be formed that is domiciled in Vanuatu. This type of company is called a Vanuatu International Company.
  • Once the company has been created, Global Group Technology will work with you to submit a Securities Dealer License Application to the VFSC.
  • The capital requirement for the License, roughly $2,000 must be deposited with the Registrar of the Supreme Court.
  • The License must be renewed annually, Global Group will assist with the annual renewal process
  • Unlike many jurisdictions, there is no requirement for a local office, cutting overhead for your business
  • Once the License has been granted by the VFSC, Global Group will assist in obtaining banking and Payment Service Provider (PSP) solutions for your broker.

The Vanuatu Securities Dealer License is popular because it is cost effective, easy to setup, and efficient to use and manage on an ongoing basis. Reach out to Global Group today for a quote and an explanation of how we can help you!