What does a MT4 White Label Cost?

October 19, 2017by administrator

If you are interested in starting a forex broker, you have probably begun to research MT4 White Labels. MT4 White Labels are the first step for most forex brokers, and are issued by holders of the full Metaquotes server license. There are two sets of fees for MT4 White Labels, one set of fees charged by Metaquotes, and one set of fees charged by the holder of the full MT4 license. This post will break the fees down into two sections, one section covering the fees charged by Metaquotes, and one section covering the different types of fees charged by the MT4 Full License holder.

There are a few different fees associated with a MT4 White Label that are charged by Metaquotes,

  • Setup Fee – There is a $5,000 fee to setup a new instance of a MT4 White Label.
  • Monthly Desktop Fee – There is a $1,000 monthly fee for each new MT4 White Label
  • Monthly Mobile Fee – There is a $750 monthly fee for your MT4 White Label to be accessed over the Metaquotes mobile application (both Android and Apple)
  • Web Fee (optional) – There is a $500 fee for access to the Metaquotes webtrader application (this is less common)

In addition to the costs charged by Metaquotes for each white label, there are fees charged by the holder of the MT4 Server License. These are the profits the holder of MT4 Server License makes in exchange for providing the White Label. Each MT4 Server License holder is free to decide what restrictions they place on their White Labels. Some MT4 License Holders require their MT4 White Labels to send all of their flow to the full license holder (this is typically the case with brokers, not technology providers.) Some MT4 Server License holders, such as Global Group Technology, allow for unlimited b-book trading, or allow you to pick your own liquidity providers.

In addition to the fixed fees charged by Metaquotes, your MT4 Server License holder will charge you fees as well. These fees vary widely, but here are the types of fees you may expect to pay to your White Label holder.

  • Transaction Fees – Transaction fees are based on the volume that goes through your White Label platform. These fees are typically calculated “per million” or based on the notional volume of the trades that go through your platform.
  • Support Fees – Most White Label providers will charge a fixed support fee on top of the White Label fees charged by Metaquotes, to cover the fixed costs of supporting the White Label.
  • Monthly Minimums – Most providers will have a minimum volume fee, charged per month
  • Plugin Fees – There are a variety of plugins you will use to manage your broker, which your MT4 Server license holder can provide to you, such as MAMM/PAMM, Virtual Dealer, Bonus Plugin, and CRMs. The costs to these vary widely, as does the quality of the service provider.

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