How should you pick your Forex Brokerage’s CRM?

September 14, 2017by administrator

Your Forex Brokerage’s CRM is one of the most important pieces of technology involved in running your forex brokerage business. As most brokers offer essentially the same product suite (FX, CFDs, etc.) and most brokers use the same platform (MT4) your brokerages’ CRM is one of the most important ways you can distinguish your brokerage from your competitors. For the purpose of this blog post (and throughout the Global Group Technology website and other marketing materials) we use the term CRM and Traders Cabinet/Traders Area interchangeably.

What does your CRM/Traders area do? Your CRM provides two core functions. It is how your clients can interact with your brokerage, and the tool your internal sales and operations team can use to manage your clients and partners.  To give an example of how this works in practice, you may have a lead register for a demo account using your CRM, which will automatically provide him with the account information he requires. The lead can then simultaneously be assigned to one of your salespeople for conversion into an account. Both the internal and external facing function are handled through the CRM.

Your CRM is a very powerful tool for automating your operations and growing your business. Most MT4 CRM’s connect to the host MetaTrader 4 Server using the MTM API. This is a connection done using the manager API which sends information automatically back and forth from the CRM to the server without using a server plugin. The other option is a MT4 CRM which is dependent on using a plugin on the server to connect. Most MT4 providers are reluctant to have a third-party plugin installed on their server without extensive testing, as it can put their whole server environment at risk. When you are deciding which CRM to buy for your MT4 White Label business, it is critical you ensure that your CRM connects with your brokerage using a MT4 Server connection, not a plugin connection! Global Group Technology is proud to offer a CRM that connects using the MT4 Manager API connection.

Below is a description of the functions offered by the Global Group Technology CRM and how they can be use to automate processes and improve the functionality of your brokerage!

Lead Generation – Customers can request information about your brokerage through the CRM. You can also use the CRM to market special promotions or deals to existing clients or new leads.

Live/Demo Registration – This is probably the most important function for your MT4 CRM. You can use your CRM to allow new clients to register for live or demo accounts with your brokerage. After the demo or live accounts are registered, your CRM will automatically send out the new account registration details along with instructions for the Client on how to login to their trading account.

IB Registration – Potential IBs can register for more information using the CRM. When an introducing broker has completed their registration, they can use the Global Group Technology CRM to login and check on the status of their accounts, along with deposits/withdrawals/rebates.

PAMM/MAMM Setup – Similar to the IB system, your CRM can be used to track both the master or slave accounts in your PAMM.

Account Status Updates – Your CRM is a very useful tool for sending mass updates to your clients.

MT4 Account Information/Details – Your clients/partners/IBs can use the CRM to adjust their account information details.

Deposit –  By connecting the Global Group Technology CRM using a payment gateway API to your PSP, your clients can deposit directly into their trading account using the CRM.  The Global Group Technology CRM is integrated with several of the most important forex PSPs, but we can also do custom PSP integrations upon request.

Withdrawal –  Your clients can request a withdrawal using the CRM. Most brokers typically pass the withdrawal requests directly to their operations team for speedy processing.

Transfer – If you allow multiple accounts per client, you can allow your clients to do internal transfers using the CRM.

Customer Support – You can use your CRM to provide a ticketing system to handle customer concerns or complaints.

As you can see, your CRM is an incredibly powerful tool. Learn more about the Global Group Technology MT4 CRM, or perhaps schedule a demo, by reaching to us today!