Should you upgrade to a full MT4 Server License?

April 24, 2017by admin

If you are running a successful MT4 White Label business, eventually you will ask yourself if it makes to acquire your own MT4 Server License. Buying your own server license has many benefits, although it also may increase the complexity and difficulty of running your business on a day to day business. This blog post will address the questions you should ask yourself if you are considering upgrading from a MT4 White Label to a full MT4 Server License, along with some helpful tips to guide you through the process.

No matter how flexible your MT4 White Label provider is, your White Label still comes with some restrictions. The greatest advantage to getting your own MT4 Server License is that you get complete control over how to structure the technology behind your business. Depending on your business model and your MT4 White Label providers pricing model, buying your own MT4 Server License may decrease your monthly technology expenditure. While there are some costs to running your own full server license beyond the direct technology fees (most notably, hosting) it is possible you may end up saving money on your monthly technology costs by upgrading to a full MT4 Server License if you have a decent amount of business.

Once you have your full Server License, you will have complete control over how the technology side of your broker is operating. This is both a positive and a negative. While the hard costs of maintaining an MT4 server are not as significant as many people believe, it is a complicated endeavor. There is not a huge pool of people familiar with MT4 Server management, so you will either need to find somebody who can help you manage the server, or be prepared to learn on your own, with the inevitable mistakes that entails. Managing a server is not particularly intuitive, so the learning curve can be steep, especially for people with non-technical backgrounds.

Having your own server will free you to decide on what symbols to offer to your clients, and what sort of plugins and tools you need to properly manage your business. This can be a double-edged sword. Many brokerages splurge on new tools, and offer more symbols then necessary, out of a belief that more is better. It is more important to make your offering fit your broader marketing message then adopt a “kitchen-sink” approach to your offering.

Finally, once you have decided to begin managing your own MT4 Server License, you will lose the support of your existing MT4 White Label provider. While this may not seem like a big loss initially, it represents a significant change in how you will have to manage problems with your server. If there is an outage, or a price feed has gone down, you won’t have a support team to call. You will have to find and fix the problem on your own. While problems with MT4 Servers happen fairly rarely, it is critical to minimize downtime when they inevitability happen. Having a competent 24/5 support team ready to address any outages or issues with the server is crucial if you are thinking about making the jump from an MT4 White label to a full MT4 Server License.

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