Ten Important Features for Your Forex Brokerage CRM!

October 13, 2017by admin

Picking the CRM for your forex brokerage business is one of the most important decisions you will make as the owner of a forex broker. Whether you are starting a new forex broker and are looking for your first CRM, or you have an existing brokerage and are considering a new CRM for your business, Global Group Technology has compiled a list of ten important factors to consider when deciding on which CRM your MT4 brokerage business should use. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these are some of the most important things to consider when picking your CRM provider. After reading this list, feel free to reach out to our sales team for an in-depth discussion of the needs of your brokerage!

  • CRM Integration Method – The most important question you need to ask your CRM provider is how the CRM will connect with your MT4 trading server. This is an important question to ask, whether you have a MT4 White Label or whether you have a full MT4 Server License. There are two methods through which a CRM can connect to a MT4 trading server. The first method is using a server-side plugin, and the second method is to use the MT4 Manager API to connect. Using a server-side plugin can provide advantages, but it adds more risk than using a MT4 Manager API connection. If you have a White Label license, you will probably only be able to use a CRM that connects using the MT4 API connection – your server license holder will almost certainly not allow you to connect using a server-side plugin. At Global Group Technology, our in-house CRM connects using the MT4 Manager API, allowing for easy and risk-free CRM integration.
  • Ease of Payment-Service-Provider Integration – One of the most important functions for your CRM is to collect payments and deposits for your brokerage. At Global Group Technology, our CRM is connected to many of the most popular FX Payment-Service-Providers (PSPs) making integrating your PSPs very simple and straightforward. If you have a relationship with a PSP that we are not already integrated with, our in-house development team makes complete integration easy and low cost! At Global Group Technology, we have developed relationships with high quality Payment-Service-Providers and we can assist in setting up payment service providers for your business in addition to integrating the payment service providers into your CRM.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto-currency integration – In many jurisdictions, Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Ripple are extremely popular methods for collecting deposits. If you have client’s in South-East Asia who are looking to deposit in Ringgit or Rupiah, for example, crypto-currencies make conversion and transfer for your clients to your brokerage quite easy. Global Group Technology’s Forex Brokerage CRM allows for crypto-currency deposit and transfer for your brokerage business.
  • MAMM/PAMM Plugin – Some CRM’s include MAMM and PAMM functionality directly into their CRM, whereas other MT4 Technology providers have their CRM and MAMM/PAMM solution’s separated into two distinct pieces of software. Whether you want your CRM integrated directly with your MAMM/PAMM solution is an issue of preference. At Global Group Technology, we offer two solutions – one with MAMM and PAMM functionality built directly into your CRM, and another where your CRM solution is distinct from your MAMM/PAMM. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages or disadvantages of each solution, please reach out to use today for a consultation.
  • Rebate customization – One of the most important functions that a CRM accomplishes for your MT4 Forex Brokerage is to assist in the management of your introducing brokerage relationships. Your CRM should provide your introducing brokerages the ability to mange their client relationships without your direct assistance, including custom link generation and automatic rebate deduction from the retail client’s account and corresponding credit into the introducing brokers referral account. It is important that your forex brokerage’s CRM has the ability to calculate rebates in a variety of different ways, in order to fit your business and relationship goals. How can your CRM calculate rebates? Per lot? Per million? Does your CRM adjust volume commission to lot sizes? How often does the CRM update the notional value of each contract? These are the type of detailed questions you need to ask your provider in order to ensure your CRM has the flexibility your business needs!
  • IB Tier Structure – In many of the fastest growing markets for forex trading globally such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc. the ability to provide a multi-tier IB system is of critical importance. The Global Group Technology CRM can stack multiple levels of Introducing Brokerages, with automatic rebate calculation, along with differing rebate levels per tier. For a demonstration of the incredible functionality of the Global Group Technology multi-tier IB system, reach out to us today!
  • Client Facing Customization – It is important that the “front end” of the CRM that your retail clients interacts with is customizable in order to fit the branding of your forex brokerage business. At Global Group Technology, our CRM offers the ability to customize multiple pieces of the front end of your CRM which will allowing your branding to be smooth between your CRM and your website.
  • Ease of deployment – Ease of deployment is critical if you have a new brokerage business and getting your technology working quickly is essential for getting your brokerage business up and running. At Global Group Technology, our CRM can be deployed in as little in two weeks!
  • Service – Your CRM is one of the most important piece of your forex brokerage business. How strong is the support you are going to receive from your technology provider? At Global Group we have highly qualified 24/7 expert support staff that will be available to help you with any issues that arise during the day to day usage of your CRM.
  • Cost! – This is self-explanatory! While it is never a good idea to purchase technology for your business based solely on cost, it is important to make sure you are getting value for your dollar.