What does a Vanuatu Securities Dealer License cost?

May 11, 2017by admin

The Securities Dealer License issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) is an increasingly popular license for foreign exchange brokers. Global Group Technology has extensive experience in setting up Forex Brokers with Vanuatu Securities Dealer Licenses. Why should you consider getting a Securities Dealer License from the VFSC?

  • The License can be obtained in two to three months, significantly faster than in other jurisdictions popular for offshore forex licensing
  • The License requires only a $2,000 capital deposit to open, significantly lower than in other jurisdictions such as Cyrus
  • Banking for forex brokers is quite difficult, it is possible to obtain quality and cost effective banking services for forex brokers that have a VFSC issued Securities Dealer License
  • This license allows brokers to buy and sell a variety of financial products and services such as forex and CFDs, as well as equity and fixed income products
  • The time to setup the company (not apply for the license) is only two to three days, once the company has been established an application for the license can be submitted. Approval typically takes only two to three months

The Forex industry is increasingly heading towards more and more regulation. If you are new broker, or a broker without a large budget to allocate to regulation, the Vanuatu Securities Dealer License is a great solution for getting your licensing established in a timely and cost effective manner!