Why get a MT4 White Label?

September 8, 2017by administrator

If you are a forex trader, you have problem wondered what types of business opportunities are available in the foreign exchange market besides trading. You may have even wondered if it is possible to start your own forex brokerage! There are a variety of different types of forex businesses you can start, from an Introducing Broker business, to a Grey Label, to a White Label. This article will discuss how MT4 White Labels work, the pros and cons of getting a MT4 White Label, and whether getting an MT4 White label from Global Group Technology is a good solution for you. Global Group Technology is a brokerage services firm based in New York City.

All forex businesses, whether is an introducing brokerage business, MT4 White Label business, or full brokerage business are based around obtaining customers and traders to trade with you or your partners. Many introducing brokers start as money managers, helping their friends and families open trading accounts with their brokerage and earning commissions on the trades. This business model is called introducing broker is the most common way people begin their careers in the foreign exchange market. If you are already an introducing broker, you have probably heard people mention obtaining an MT4 White Label and wondered what that means.

An MT4 White Label is a way for you to launch your own branded trading platform for your clients to trade on. If you already have some clients in your introducing brokerage business, getting an MT4 White Label is probably the next step for your business. The benefit to obtaining a MT4 White Label is that you get more control over your business, you will be bringing your clients to your own brokerage rather than sending them somewhere else! In addition, most MT4 White Label providers, like Global Group Technology, allow you to customize the trading environment on your MT4, so you can design the best possible trading conditions for you and your clients.

Obtaining an MT4 White Label is very simple, and Global Group can help you on every step! We will need to design the logo and come up with the name for your white label, and then decide on what spreads and pricing your clients will trade with. Some clients need certain types of spreads (for example, fixed spreads) while other clients are content with variable spreads. No matter what your clients need to trade, we can program the settings into your MT4 White Label.

Once your White Label is up and running, the most important thing is to get more clients! Remember, the more clients you get, the more profitable your MT4 White Label business will be. Global Group will support your White Label with hosting and connectivity support, so you will have a stable environment for your clients to trade on!